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<span style="font-weight: bold;">Our projects</span><br>
"Participation in projects on development of deposits of gas and other hydrocarbons in the Russian Federation and the acquisition of productive assets in Europe and the Middle east" In the fulfillment of contracts for subsoil use, increasing competitiveness in international markets, as well as the implementation of functions for the effective and efficient development of oil and gas resources of the country, growth and further increases in oil and gas resources. In accordance with the guidelines, the possibility of participation of the Company in the following investment projects: The Company's participation in projects on development of deposits of gas and other hydrocarbons in the Russian Federation and the acquisition of productive assets in Europe and the Middle east, related to transportation, storage, distribution and sales of processed gas products; The project "Creation of a production base for granulation of sulfur" in order to ensure the smooth processing of raw gas, the expansion of markets through the sulfur granulation, larger front loading and additional storage space for the storage of sulfur
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Our business units</span><br>
Exploration & Production
«Kholding Refinery» uses modern technology in its exploration work, which ensures growing efficiency of exploration.” We are investing in prospective regions both in Russia and abroad, preparing the raw material base for production and ensuring that levels of production increase rapidly. The success rate in prospecting and exploration drilling by the Group is about 80%. The upstream sector is a strategically important part of the vertically integrated holding company, ensuring smooth operations of the entire Company. Strategic objectives in the Upstream segment Maintaining production at existing oilfields at the level of 19 million tonnes per year Boosting oil production at brownfields by introducing new technologies and improving the efficiency of the existing ones; implementing a geological exploration programme, including the development of gas projects Creating a large production centre in new key operating region Promoting inorganic growth of production and reserves by acquiring companies and licences Cost control over controllable unit costs We look beyond the surface – we are focused experienced explorers with extensive technical and industry knowledge. Exploration activities are intended to provide more information – our job is to then decide what that information might mean. We have self belief and passion. We are not afraid of a challenge – what is important is not being afraid to try to continually learn and our strategic goals related to replenishing the resource base and increasing the recovery factor at existing oilfields. At the same time, we attaches special importance to strict compliance with environmental safety standards and extensive use of modern technologies
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Your prospectives</span><br>
Your prospectives
We are always open to change. Just ask our customers all over the world, who appreciate our flexibility in carrying out logistics projects. When you join us, how do we support you?
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Our culture</span><br>
Our culture
Kholding Refinery limited liability company maintains a global presence all over the worldwide. So it is no wonder that our corporate culture is shaped by remarkable openness and diversity.