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Production Capacity

Over 5,000 tonnes of crude oil monthly.

Oil Refining

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About Us

Kholding Refinery is a petroleum refining company in PermRussia. The company is located at D. 10a Ofis 802, Ul. Klary Tsetkin. This private company was founded in 2012. With 85 other locations, the organization is a member of a large, complex corporate structure.

Kholding Refinery has many years experience of financing, construction, management and operation of the oil and gas industry in Russia. Attracting foreign investment and long-term loans for expansion and reconstruction of oil and gas facilities in Russian Federation.

Our Technology Organization works collaboratively with our Exploration, Production, Drilling and Completions organizations to maximize the value of our global assets. We advance technologies with collaborative efforts that offer participants opportunities to develop ideas quickly, effectively and at lower cost.

Though the Company mainly operates in the Russian Federation, it implements the strategy of an efficient reserves increase and expansion of the territory of its activities not only outside the, but out of the Russian Federation as well. Spin-off of the Company's interests was the reason for opening the offices in the Asian, Middle Eastern, African and near-abroad countries.

Our Innovative Development Program is an essential element of its development concept. The Company innovation efforts are designed to modernize its operations base and develop and implement new technologies aimed to help the Company achieve its operational objectives. Those include reserves replenishment, recovery efficiency enhancement, full utilization of associated gas, effective implementation of offshore projects, deeper oil refining, higher energy efficiency, lower capital and operating costs, and environmental and industrial safety assurance.

Environmental Policy

Kholding Refinery is fully aware of its responsibility before the society, living and future generations for preservation of the favorable environmental situation at the territories where the Holding operates. Environmental friendliness, rational use of natural resources, protection of health of the personnel and population in the regions of the Company’s presence are the most topical for Kholding Refinery. Striving to ensure stable and dynamic business development is based on the understanding that eco-friendly operating activities are the guarantee of Kholding Refinery’s successfulness and competitiveness. Environmental actions take an important place in annual investment plans of the Company. Kholding Refinery’s environmental activity is aimed at continuous enhancement of environmental and industrial safety of operations and minimization of man-caused impact on the environment in the course of hydrocarbons production and processing. To achieve the target specified above, the Company carries out the following actions: upgrading of production facilities; introduction of new advanced technologies, materials and equipment to mitigate the negative impact on the environment and simultaneously increase production volumes; enhancement of the quality of technical documentation preparation, compulsory expertise of all projects to determine the best options for their implementation in terms of industrial and environmental safety; continuous environmental monitoring of industrial facilities to obtain the latest information about the environmental conditions and environmental impact degree.


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