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Oil Refining

Refinery capacity of crude oil distillation units was completely loaded in 2013. Their total capacity for today is over 500,000 thousand tons per month which is accomplished with the help of two crude oil distillation units. provide two processing plants for primary processing of oil.

The construction of AT-5 will be finished in May, 2015, and its putting into operation will add more thousands tons to the annual throughput. This way the refinery capacity of the plant will reach over 7 million tons per year in terms of crude both low-sulfur and blended Urals crudes. Territorially, the production is carried on two sites with a total area of 526 hectares on which the construction of secondary process, additional tank batteries and railway overpasses is planned.



NPZ Kholding Refinery possesses a full-range of hydrocarbon crude processing and storage equipment, as well as the land property for production with a total area of 526 hectares.